Solutions: Finance Software - Accounting/ERP

Manage your organisation's resources holistically

Our complete range of financial software solutions give full visibility of all your business operations, helping to cut out complexity and increase efficiency. Malta's most innovative and rapidly growing enterprises use our ERP software to achieve operational excellence. Our templated solutions, based on our deep vertical knowledge, are implemented quickly and easily.

Key focus areas

Management Reporting

Cut though information overload and see high-level critical data in a format that’s right for you. Flexible, on demand enquiry and drill-down facilities provide management teams with the information they need to take decisions. Profit & Loss reporting may be analysed by department or sector with a drill-down capability right down to source transaction.

Financial Management

At the heart of your accounting solution, powerful ledgers provide instant access to essential information, supported by a wide range of tools designed to make daily routines faster and more effective. From asset management to inter-company accounting, Access Dimensions has everything a finance department needs.

Integrated ERP

Manage your entire supply chain from; procurement and planning, to production and warehousing with one integrated solution. Our systems give you the clarity to continually improve your supply chain. Eliminate duplication and minimise errors. With full integration - from financials, projects and planning to production, after sales and delivery - information is only ever entered once and shared at every stage.

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