Partners: Pitney Bowes

Big or small, physical or digital, we can help you create lasting impact with your customers.​

Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help you navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce - From helping you use data to market to the best customers, to efficiently enabling the sending of parcels and packages, through securing payments through statements and invoices. In everything they do, they deliver accuracy and precision to drive meaningful impact.

From targeting your best customers and predicting what they want to making strategic business decisions based on location, from crafting the right message through the right channel to printing and delivering impactful information while removing the complexities of international shiping

Example Solutions

Customer Information Management

Customer Information Management enables you to aggregate, cleanse, enrich, and analyze customer data, provide unique views for multiple stakeholders, and ensure that the governance policies for customer data are enforced. With data warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and business intelligence tools, organizations are able to personalize customer experience across channels, accelerate compliance initiatives, better manage risk and make business operations more efficient.

Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence is the capability to understand complex relationships between location and data in order to drive better business decisions. It enables organizations to derive meaningful insight by harnessing the power of location to solve business problems, deliver location-based services or manage assets. Pitney Bowes has developed easy-to-use solutions to help make businesses more profitable and governments improve service delivery. These solutions deliver powerful visual ways to analyze spatial and business data to drive more effective decision-making across commercial and government organizations.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is about delivering relevant and engaging interactions across the customer lifecycle increasing customer lifetime value. In the age of the customer, it is more important than ever to understand customer behavior in order to optimize the customer journey across both physical and digital interactions. By reshaping the way brands engage with their customers across the entire customer lifecycle, you will see measurable improvement in acquisition, retention, and up-sell/cross-sell and customer service using our suite of customer engagement solutions that dynamically guide personalized interactions across all channels.

Shipping & Mailing

Shipping and Mailing solutions enable you to create and send personalized communications, fulfill orders with accuracy and drive repeat purchase behavior. From postage meters to sorting to tracking solutions to large-scale mail production for invoices, we have a customized solution for your business, big or small. Pitney Bowes systems, software and services can help you engage with customers more effectively, enhance productivity, improve parcel delivery and manage postage spend.

Global eCommerce

Global Ecommerce solutions enable full transparency of the fully landed costs by quoting duty, taxes and shipping at checkout, and guarantee the quoted costs. To international buyers, the checkout experience is as simple as the domestic one, and they can proceed to purchase your products with confidence and ease. We manage the complexity of international shipping with the experience accumulated by processing millions of cross-border shipments, so you can focus on growth. Your buyers will have full knowledge of the total landed costs, and enjoy the enhanced value combination of transit time, shipping rates and delivery tracking.