News: Improving Customer Experience in the Retail Sector through Innovation

Customer Experience Innovation demands that a retailer offers a very personal shopping experience for each and every customer. This maximises the sales opportunity as well as creates loyalty and repeat business. The only way this can happen in today’s profit-squeezed, fast-paced, retail environment, is to automate through the use of IT. In the past such systems were only for very large organisations, however today it is possible for retailers of all sizes to take advantage of technology to enhance their clients’ experience by engaging them when they are in the shop and by using a channel to communicate with clients in order to increase repeat business.

It is no longer sufficient that a retailers POS system merely sells and records stock movement, it also needs to assist shop assistants to upsell and cross-sell, by guiding them every step of the way. Retailers also need a system that takes advantage of powerful promotions and offers to maximise sales and offer out of the box analytics that will allow them to gauge the effectiveness of promotions.
Another very important aspect of a retail system today is the power of its customer loyalty and how this tool can be used to engage customers in the long term. Loyalty systems should update loyalty points in real time and notify clients via email instantly. This should be paired with smartphone e-wallets whereby points, coupons and vouchers can be sent in digital format directly to the clients’ smartphone. These can also be geotagged to remind customers of any digital coupons or vouchers when they are in the vicinity of the shop.

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