Solutions: Business Intelligence

Is your organisation spending too much time on generating reports? Is your data accurate enough for informed decisions to be taken? Are you guesstimating?​

Only 35% of senior business executives rely on data and analytics to take informed decisions, but more than two-thirds believe that data-driven decision-making can create new revenue opportunities. 

Many business owners agree that failure to apply business data to sound decisions leads to a decrease in revenues, inefficient capacity management or simply lost opportunities.








Want to know more about how BI works? Click on the video for a short explanation! 

PTL has extensive experience in implementing enterprise Business Intelligence solutions in several industries. Our success is based on the fact that we address the specific needs of organisations working in particular industries and as a result we have developed industry focused models which enable us to adopt a fast track approach delivering business value in a relatively short time frame.

Eight clear benefits to transform the way you do business

Stop guessing: PTL’s Business Intelligence tool provides accurate data allowing you to make informed decisions

Explore visually: use interactive charts and infographics to explore data and discover insights with the Panorama Necto visualisation tool

Use collaboration tools: create reports, share them and start discussions with the relevant people to exchange ideas or solve issues together

Faster answers: BI users can get answers instantly to specific business questions without going through lengthy reports

Anywhere & anytime: access key business metrics, reports and dashboards anytime on your desktop or mobiles device

Manage your business proactively: get automated alerts when KPIs are not met, drill down to see why and take immediate action

Empower your team: self-service eliminates dependency on IT and allows users to create dashboards and KPIs so that the performance can be tracked daily

Improve efficiency: with business intelligence, all the information is centralised saving enormous amounts of time and eliminating inefficiencies.

Why PTL?

Our dedicated team has over 12 years’ experience in implementing BI solutions in several industries. 

How do we work?​

  • We take responsibility for the full project cycle from the definition of requirements right through to implementation and training
  • We provide advice on how to define and direct your initiatives relating to BI to ensure they match and support your business strategy
  • We provide training to all employees to enable faster integration of BI in the company’s decision-making processes.

Our Proven Methodology

Our proven implementation methodology is based on industry best practice. It has been designed following many years of delivering successful projects to satisfied customers.


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